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7 Mega Success Tips for Fiverr Sellers


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Hello, Fiverr Community.

Let me share my Fiverr experience and some of my marketing background here with you. If you are either a new Fiverr seller or an experienced one, I believe you will find some worthwhile value in the following success tips.
Your feedback, opinion or comments are welcome and appreciated. 🙂

I signed up for Fiverr some years ago, but I’ve only been an active seller for a little over a year now. Fiverr has been even more popular during the last years, so I decided to focus on creating appealing gigs and start selling. I’ve always been an active buyer, but during these past months, I’ve capitalized on my marketing background, long experience with serving clients and technology skills to make my Fiverr business profitable.

  1. Focus on Quality and Results
    Sadly, quality services are hard to find on some internet forums and online marketplaces. A lot of people look for a quick buck. That is a fact that endangers the quality of the service.
    If you want to stand out from other ‘professionals’, be a real pro. Focus on quality, empathize with your customer and aim at achieving the best results possible.
    Don’t ever think that, since the buyer is only paying $5, you are allowed to deliver a service that offers no value. For example, as a buyer, I have often ordered articles that are so bad in quality (probably spun), that I cannot use. What is the point in paying a price even as low as $5?
    Regarding results, I don’t mean that you should promise results which are not feasible. What I mean is that you should always work towards offering a service that brings measurable results, and make sure the client has realistic expectations beforehand.

  2. Offer Services Related to Popular Apps
    If you are tech savvy and a fast learner, why not offer to install, set up or customize popular software, cloud services or apps? WordPress plugins is a great place to start, because, on the one hand, WordPress is gaining in popularity, on the other hand, a lot of great and useful WordPress plugins are constantly put out. You can, for example, focus on plugins that integrate contact forms or exit pop-ups or SEO features or forum features.
    Email marketing platforms with autoresponders are a good example of popular cloud services. So, you can target professionals that want to outsource their autoresponder setup, and offer them a gig to do that.
    Catch the wave of popular apps to offer services around them. You won’t need to pay for promotion because freelance services around these apps are already in high demand.

  3. Brand Your Account and Gigs
    Use Canva, a free online tool to create gig images that stand out and convey your branding. Use a distinct color and style of graphics to create your gig images. The images of my gigs are 550px X 370px.
    Leave a gutter of about 30 pixels (that is my personal estimate) on every side on the image, because when you actually upload the images to Fiverr they tend to be cropped a little bit.
    Make sure your personal brand on Fiverr has style, conveys your personality and attitude. Ensure consistent customer experience across all of your gigs, no matter who orders and when.
    Learn some things about branding, or have a fellow Fiverr seller create your branding.

  4. Learn How to Treat a Customer Kindly and Effectively
    If you haven’t studied any related subject or have had no experience in interacting with customers, it would be a good idea to read some top blogs on the topics of customer relationship management, account management, sales and customer care.
    In any case, think how you want to be treated as a customer. Do you value speed, politeness, clear communication, measurable results, honesty, transparency? If so, treat your clients like this. Adopt these values and you will see great results in your business.
    If you learn how to serve your customers effectively, you will get more satisfied buyers, who will order repeatedly and leave you high ratings.
    Make sure you manage customer expectations from the beginning. Be clear and honest with what you offer. State clearly what you cannot and will not do. Answer any pre-sale questions they may have.
    Don’t put speed before clear project requirements. Before you actually start working on an order, make 100% sure you understand what your customer needs. Don’t base your success on a hypothesis. Working on a fuzzy project may lead to you wasting your time and the customer being unsatisfied.
    If the customer is unclear about what they want, it is your responsibility to answer the right questions, to reach a point where you are on the same page. Setting the exact scope of the project, in the beginning, will save you time and peace of mind later.

  5. Customize Canned Responses
    Fiverr has an amazing feature! It is quick responses. You don’t have to prepare all of them in the beginning, but as you go along and interact with buyers, be sure to save canned responses. You can use those the next time you reply to a customer or deliver a gig with a click of a button!
    Beware! Quick responses can lead to you losing sales when you overuse them! That is when you use them to answer pre-sales questions, without reading carefully what the prospect asks.
    When the buyer places an order, shoot them a quick message to introduce yourself, ask them their name and say you’ll start working on their order ASAP.
    Then in any communication and during the gig delivery address the client with their name. This can make a huge difference.

  6. Automated vs. Custom Gigs and Pricing Accordingly
    It’s not a secret that your $5 gigs must be as automated as possible or require only a few minutes of work to complete. That is if you want to have a lucrative Fiverr business that does not take up all of your time.
    Apart from gig extras, Fiverr is now offering sellers the opportunity to price gigs as they wish and also create more expensive gig packages. Take that opportunity to create added-value services that you will sell for $50, $100 or even $200 dollars. Estimate the work you need to do to complete each service. Multiply the hours times the desired hourly profit. Add any third-party expenses and costs. Price your gig accordingly to skyrocket the profits of your business.
    Don’t charge less than you believe your service is worth. If you do so, you might find your passion and productivity drop. You might feel overworked and exhausted, which will reflect on your attitude towards your customers.

  7. Learn to Say 'No’
    If you want to create a long-term source of semi-automated or semi-passive income, in other words, a viable and profitable Fiverr business, you have to learn to say ‘No’.
    When a new professional is just starting out, they usually think it is better to say ‘Yes’ to any client and take on any project. But think about it for a minute. In my experience, it won’t end well most of the time.
    Say ‘Yes’ to projects you know you can do in a profitable manner. That would be any project that requires skill and knowledge you already have or you can acquire easily and quickly.
    Focus, focus, focus! You cannot offer each and every internet marketing service possible. You cannot create each and every website possible. You have to narrow down and decide on the exact services you are going to offer.
    This strategy has an additional advantage. When you repeatedly offer similar services, you do them even better and faster every time. Since human beings are creative, you should take up a challenge now and then to spice up your work life, but always stay within limits of what you’ve decided to do.
    When you are ready to expand your services, make sure they match your brand image, you have gathered the resources required and you have targeted markets with high demand.

Those were my top tips that I believe will help you increase your business on Fiverr, and get better ratings as well. I’ll be happy to read your thoughts here below.

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7 is important. Especially for new sellers. The problem is that they are often desperate for orders (seen all this whiny forum posts) and nobody wants to work with a desperate person. The people who want to do that are very likely to take advantage of this sellers. Don’t be desperate!

Sometimes you just notice during the first contact that you and the potential buyer are not a good match. This can have a lot of reasons and I don’t want to go into detail here.
I say ‘No’ quite often and ask buyers to find another seller. Often times this seems to work like a boomerang, as they come back very quickly and try to get me for their project anyway. Depending on the communication we then agree on a custom offer, after I saw their material.

I’m sure I lost some $ here and there by saying ‘No’, but I also know that I prevented a lot of bad things and opened the door for good transactions.

Just recently I didn’t follow my own advice:
There was that buyer where my guts told me to turn him down. So I did, but after some time he came back and we had a long conversation. My guts were still telling me not to trust this guy.
However, we agreed on a custom offer and from that minute on he became abusive, called me names and literally wanted to treat me like a slave. I cancelled the order immediately and reported all his ToS violations to CS. He got his money ‘back’ and I got my rest back. In the meantime I wasted a couple of hours on that guys negativity, alas.

Saying ‘No’ to the wrong ones is as important as saying ‘yes’ to the good customers. Luckily the last kind is in the majority. At least if you don’t act like a commodity.

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