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By contact seller, i got warning and my rank has decrease


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before that i try contact many seller for my project(that project about android source code i have buy from someone and want find seller in this fiverr to modified it by purchase they gigs on fiverr if found the cheap price) to find the cheapest price(cheapest price on gigs in fiverr). i never ask for offered a direct payment to another user . after that i got warning from fiverr about my rank has been decreased by level 1 to no level. this is warning i got:

It seems that you have provided or offered a direct payment to another user, which besides being uncool, violates our Terms of Service. Please note that this warning may affect your eligibility for Levels and other features and your account status.

so, i want ask fiverr on this forum, is there people will be banned or decreased their level if they trying contacting many seller to find the cheap price? why?

if not why your staff do like that?

if not too please give back my rank!!!

-Please investigate again my chat to seller what i talking about. i hope this staff understand. thanks.-

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