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How to get orders instead?


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You have to create a gig thumbnail that stands out & edit the tags a bit so when someone is searching for a service on fiverr your gig might pop up more frequently, I recommend using Google keywords to help you determine which tags you should use, it’s worked for me.

Another thing to note is that maybe some of the buyers are currently not interested in buying the service or services you’re offering which could explain the slow amount of orders, or it could have something to do with the fact that you’re not using proper titles for some of your gigs. For example, if you’re selling something like logos or illustrations, you have to make sure to always make some sort of mention of those things when you’re trying to get a gig sell on fiverr, since images alone won’t really convince anyone to check out the gig regardless of how beautiful it looks or how professional.

But yeah, in the end it’s all really based on luck, you would sometimes have the right gig at the right time, in order to land that new order & project.

But anyways, good luck on getting more orders! 🙂

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