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Need help with my gigs, and profile


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Dear Litebulb_holder:

I feel really weird calling you Litebulb_holder. I suggest you add a name for people to call you to your profile text. I’d also suggest you find a profile photo in which you are smiling.

Most of your gigs don’t have videos. I’d suggest that you add a gig in which you offer to make explainer videos using PowToons (ideally videos that don’t include the PowToons watermark).

Unfortunately, I don’t think the PowToons video is your best choice, here (your translate gig). I’d suggest you try making a video in which you talk to the Buyer directly, and see if that gets you better results.

Good luck,

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Hi, Blaise.
Thanks for your reply and the suggestions you have made. I will definitely try to update my profile as much as I can and include those changes. As for the name, I had been using this id in all my coding profiles since college, so, didn’t give it much thought. I see what you mean. Will add my real name to the description.

Yeah, that watermark doesn’t look very professional.Will change that too.
Thanks, and good luck with your gigs,

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