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Both my websites after giving information to are hacked


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Hi, if you think the seller has given your information away or used it to access your site without permission, you should contact fiverr support by opening a ticket. Let them know the name of the seller so they can investigate and cancel the account if need be. The same seller may do the same thing to others, so please do this if at least to help someone else.

Also, change your password asap!! But am sure you did that already.

Your host should also be contacted as they can access logs and try to find out where the hacker came from and possibly you can contact their host to have their account cancelled at the local level as well.

The police can also be involved if information such as credit card details was taken. Better be safe than sorry.

I’ve been accused of doing things many times because frankly people just don’t know better or it was a co-incidence. Contact your seller and if he ignores you, probably not someone you want to work with again. If the seller tries to work with you to figure out how it could of happened, maybe a good guy after all.

I always ask my buyers to message me before buying a gig for this very reason. Better to contact your seller and discuss the work before actually buying the gig. Makes sure you get what you think you are getting and that you also can feel out your seller. If you get a bad vibe, run away lol

Hope this helps,


aka MrBargain

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