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I want to place an order for banner impressions, but need a little help.

On my website I add an html code which displays the banner.

When I try to place an order on fiverr the order requests the following:-

link to your banner image and
destination url

I dont understand the jargon sorry, the banner is for ladbrokes bookmakers, but my html uses all my affiliate codes to distinguish that they are my clients.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks


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With link to your banner they mean the URL of the banner. The web address were it is located. Example. http//www. example.com/banner.jpg
The destination URL is the web address were it leads the visitor too once he or she clicks on the banner.

If you want somebody to put your banner with your affiliate code on his website, you only need to send him the code you got from the affiliate website you working with. And (depending on who you work with) hope that the seller will afterwards not change your affiliate ID within the code into his own. Savvy? 😉

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