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Some weird things are happening in my profile right now


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I don’t know if you guys have had this issue.

I was at my friend’s place yesterday who also wanted to become a seller on fiverr. So, I thought maybe I should show him my profile to explain a few things.

As soon as I opened my profile without logging in on his computer, the tagline below my name showed something like this,

“Fighting against all odds”

and then I had a look at my profile intro. It was funny but scary at the same time.

“Hi, I am Haris. A voice over expert and SEO expert. blah blah blah”

In the language sections, it had Philippines(native), English (conventional)

I don’t know Philippines and my English was set to fluent. My name is Mithun and I don’t provide any Voice over or SEO related gigs.

Other details on my profile were the same as I left them.

But after I logged in, everything was back to normal.

I don’t know if this is a small glitch. I don’t know if potential buyers were able to see the glitched version of my profile or the one that I had updated.

Let me know if you guys noticed this issue.

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