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What happens if you can't deliver on time?


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Recently I have had a few customer who request a modification in the middle of the night, I have woken up with a late delivery and in some cases a ridiculously short amount of time left to modify and deliver. If you find this happening to you please don’t panic, from my experience it is best that you complete the gig as early as you can and deliver it, send your apologies to the buyer and keep them advised on your progress. After a family emergency I had 3 gigs in a row that were late, I kept the buyers updated and made sure that I put a little extra effort into the gig so they had no choice but to give me a 5 star rating, it is important to note a five star rating will outweigh a late delivery. You may feel tempted to mutually cancel the order, this will only have a negative impact as there will be no positive review at the end of it to cancel out the negative. The late deliveries didn’t affect my standing or rating. So just remember, keep calm and complete your work at the high standard you always do. Things happen in life that you can’t control, buyers will understand.

Also consider increasing your delivery time, with the option to purchase an extra fast delivery and start managing and prioritising your orders.

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