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Request modification/Review & complete order


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I have some problems while delivering my orders. I usually create about 3 samples for one client to choose from. Some of clients are hitting “Request modification” and send me a message with their decisions, but a lot of clients are pressing “Review & complete order” and do nothing or asking about one of the version in a private message. And in my gig gallery there are sometimes drafts instead of mockups of the end product because of that.

I would like to send some additional message when delivering with a request to hit “Request modification” button not the other one, so my question is,

  • is this area with those buttons looks like in the attachment, or there are some changes?
  • I remember there was a small underlined text “contact seller” underneath the buttons, is it still there?
  • can anyone send me please or post it here a screenshot of this area (maybe some of you have bought something on Fiverr and a seller delivered the order and you can see the area now)?


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No, I have been doing that for about 6 months and it was unsuccessful. Why? Because there was a lot of clients who just did not response for a message and the deadline has passed. So in the last moment I had to deliver my work anyway, but still no response. I’ve been there - it doesn’t work.

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