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How to deal with time zone?


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I am a new seller on fiverr. How to deal with buyer with different time zones ?. Main problem occurs when you have to deliver the gig in a day. Buyer orders the gig ,gives primary info and if we get any doubt or need any other info he didn’t give immediate response we face the problems. At the time he gives the reply we not able to give immediate response. All the above problems of due to different time zones buyer and seller belong.

Please help me friends in how to deal with time zones.


Rama Rao.

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Become a dictator and change all time zone to fit your need. All dissenters will be shot. Dissenter are tedious, you area glorious leader.

Or, just… work in your hours and place stupid late tax on rush orders?

I sense that your ability to immediately respond isn’t the true issue here.

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