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How To Get Your 1-st Sale on Fiverr


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Hello. My name is Nick (lonelytumbler) and I have been around Fiverr for some time now, so I decided to give people some advices that could potentially help them receive their first order on Fiverr.

  1. Don’t beg

I have seen lots of people begging to buyer to buy from them… That creates an unprofessional and unmature look for you and always works the opposite to what you want.

  1. Don’t spam Buyer Requests

Spamming also creates very unprofessional look // Have you ever found yourself liking the person who’s spamming all over the net? That works the same way.

  1. Use Buyer Requests (but the right way)

Don’t wait for a unicorn to come and gift you your first order… it won’t happen! Buyer Requests exist and for a specific reason - to help both buyers and sellers. New sellers must use that opportunity to gain their first customers.

  1. Take care of your portfolio

Whatever you’re doing, you must take care of portfolio and give people examples of what you’re doing and in what quality you’re doing. Try to impress people and give something nobody else does.

  1. Don’t buy from yourself

I know it sounds very weird and it is a violation of the terms of service of Fiverr, a lot of people still do it. It can be done in some ways (I won’t mention), but that is so wrong! If you get your first order from you, than you will have a wrong expectations: you’ll think that nobody will ever buy from you. Besides receiving your first order will make you proud!

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Made my first sale, and it was a custom order.

Hi I´m Susan and I am selling a service, a consultation over IM. The subject is Moving to Ecuador and I was contacted to answer a question about Andean Music and a particular song someone had found on the internet.

The gig came from a fellow FIVERR! I hadn´t even considered that as a demographic.

In fact I have been sharing my link in the topic specific forums I work on as a Moderator on ExpatExchange and various FaceBook pages I work and post on.

My profile gives some background of my skills in internet research in the 200 word Intro. I think that along with the Ecuador Moving gig mad the hit.

It was a fun short research project and I received a great rating. And I am inspired to put energy into Fiverr much more than into any of the freelance sites I have been trying to break into for over a month.

This platform on Fiverr seems to best suit my skill set …

And I´m liking this Forum too 🙂

Susan…in Ecuador

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Guest belalkhan2292

Could you tell me how can you add voice sound in video-scribe software to making gig video . i need that type sound how can i get that type sound without recording

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