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From Bad Service to Good Service


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Well now, where to begin. I must say, when i first found Fiverr, i was excited. It looked great. but found myself getting bad service from the first seller i bought from. Feeling upset i decided not to buy again, but thought this to be unfair to other sellers. I decided to give it another go.

I ordered another video from emox_design, at first due to the rating system, i was worried i give a good rating and get bad after sales service. But in the case of emox_design, i am very happy to say they went above the after sales duty, and really went out of their way to assist me with problems i had with the video request i made. We discussed and decided on a new video template to use and everything. I was impressed with their service, and definitely would rate them to be 5 stars, their after sales service especially is commendable.

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