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How to get your first order?

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Hi…good topic. I got my first order a bit over a month ago. I had just signed up and noticed the green window on the right with people looking for services. In my case I went to writing and translation, responded to the ones I could legitimately help and had a couple of orders within a day.

I have gotten several others using this method, but beware…there are some shady buyers on there. They ask for your phone number, email, etc. Don’t fall for it! It breaks Terms of Service and obviously not worth it.

Most of the folks in that green window have already found someone, as there is a button for them to “suggest” a seller. Often, that doesn’t lead to a gig so you may be the only one responding.

I was made level one within a month with 100% rating so it worked for me. Good luck to all newbies, as well as those who may be a bit stagnant after being here awhile.

Your Pal,


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