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New Feature: Revive The Order

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Hello Fiverr’s,

I’m suggesting a new feature that will improve the order status’ experience:

Feature: Revive this order.

Feature Development:

-Feature is applied only to completed orders to revive the satisfaction between buyers and sellers.

  • Order is automatically completed due to buyer’s inactivity for 3 days and the buyer want to revise the order.
    -The buyer can ask the seller to revive the order but the seller is the only one to decide whether to revive the order.
    -Feature is active for 30 days after order completion ( 15 days after funds are cleared ).
    -Feature is active only when the seller has enough cleared funds from any orders or pending funds from the same order.

Reasons for the new feature:

The buyer is unsatisfied with the delivery and/or want some changes applied to the final product.
The seller is unsatisfied with the feedback received from the buyer and want to negotiate in a formal way with the seller.
The buyer was inactive for too long and want to revise the order in a formal way.

Thanks for reading, Your feedback will be much appreciated.

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