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Some tips for sellers


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With these 2 tips, I tripled my sales on Fiverr. They are the most common sales tactics from ebook/video course landing pages, and they kill on Fiverr.

1st: When creating a a gig, always have a higher value/price stated in the description. Tell people “the price is going to be $29.95” when you launch your official site. If people see a dollar amount much higher than $5, they KNOW they are getting a great deal.

and this leads to my second tip…

2nd: Tell people its a limited offer. Tell them the gig will only be up for 48 hours, then removed forever because you “can’t afford to give away this service to everyone for such a low price”. Or tell them you “can only offer it to the first 10 people who order due to the high quality of the service”.


I will tweet your message to all my followers for $5.

Ok, so I am just doing a quick test with my Twitter account. I can’t release the name here or tell you exactly how many followers I have, but you can bet its a lot. I am starting an advertising service on my new site for $39.95, but I need 15 people to test it out for me. First 15 people ONLY then I can’t take any more orders. The price when I launch my service will be at least $39.95!

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