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Petition for adding the BUMP feature

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On other freelancing websites, like Fiverr, exists the BUMP feature. There you have the right to earn BUMPS and use up to 5 BUMPS per day.

How BUMPS works?
Using the BUMP feature for a service, it moves for a short time your service in 1st place in searches & in its category/subcategory. Then your service is loosing positions as soon as other sellers are BUMPing their services.

How are BUMPS earned?
Usually by creating a service, logging 1 time per day, posting in the forum, creating a new thread on forum.

This system is very fair for sellers who want to work hard and are very active on Fiverr.

It could be a good and maybe a better alternative to the FEATURE service, where some sellers are “loved” by “somebody”, and their gigs are promoted (featured for months or even years), even if other sellers have better HQ gigs.

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It seems most sellers think like sheeps: if they get now a little grass (1 or 2 orders), then the future starting from tomorrow doesn’t matter.

How is possible to ignor a feature that could give you a lot of money very fast? How else if you’re not thinking like a sheep?

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