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I’m totally confused when I look at your first gig because you do whiteboard animations and then see this as the first sentence of your gig:


If I wanted a whiteboard animation I would move on immediately when I saw this.

Your gig description needs work.

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Almost every other day, there will be one more thread related to this topic. While I do not mind telling you the BEST solution - Have a go at the lottery, you may just win big.

Now that you are clear of the shortcut, let me share with the whole lot of you, the long way:

If there are no sales, would you a) come to the forums to grumble, rant and make a fuss, or b) go get the sales or c) give up. Let’s rephrase it, when you are hungry do option a or b or c?

Let’s now solve the issue: expectations.
You read many successful stories on fiverr and now you arrival here expecting the same results within your first month. What happens next? 0 Sales and that leads you to disappointment. Lower your expectations and stop comparing yourself with everyone. You be you. Focus on doing what you can do to improve your gigs; are my description clear? are they optimized? am I sending offers to buyers?

It seems to me you guys (grumbling lot) are highly important people because you speak in a way that buyers must purchase from you. Either that or you have nothing to do in your present life and must rely on Fiverr for a living.

My final advice for you all is to get a job, start a business or pursue your dreams. At least then you won’t have time to be around here posting about not getting sales.

Don’t come pointing fingers at me, I personally run a business and is just having fun in fiverr. So the number of sales do not bother me.

Peace out and expect another thread of your kind to appear soon.

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