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A Tip for New Sellers


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I’m new here on fiverr so some of you might say that I’m not fit giving tips for my fellow sellers. But anyway, I’ll spit it out. I only have one tip.


Often I would see new sellers posting gigs in the buyers request section.People posting in there are so annoying

So you think posting your own gig will get you some traffic and afterwards orders? Well, think again. Buyers requests is meant for buyers, not for sellers.

When you log in to your fiverr account, you would read words “Marketplace for creative and professional services”. If you consider yourself professional, why post into the wrong place even though you know it and can read it yourself that it is the buyers requests section?

The answer to that question, you are NOT a professional, you are just a professional wannabe and a desperate person looking for easy cash.

If you post to the buyers request section, you are just clogging your success in fiverr. Just imagine if that section is free of spammers and seller request, fiverr business flow will be great and you might find your first sale in the buyers request section the RIGHT way not through some desperate spamming.

Just be patient. I may have offended someone here or bashed them but I’m just here to tell the truth.

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