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Influencer Blogger and prof; new here, looking to follow friends


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Hi all,

I’m new here and would love to be followed and follow others to make connections. Let me introduce myself.
I run an Influencer Blog for freelance writers that focuses on education and job searching. I also review on my blog and plan on reviewing Fiverr! So really tell me your experiences if you want. I’m a published writer of over 400 blog and academic journal articles, three books, and also have been a professor of college writing for 16 years. I also have four graduate degrees–an interesting fact about me–an MA in English, MS Psych, MA History, doctorate EdTech. I have mostly taught online. My goal is to have a good time here, make some friends and hopefully somebody will actually order one of my services! But if not, I at least want to build connections and enjoy the experience. Any advice you have is appreciated. Now let me sound very junior high here and ask you, “[self promotional content removed].”

Take care!

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