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I can't login my Fiverr email. i wanna change it. help!


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i can’t access in my Fiverr email. i have email id and password but somehow they give me phone verify but i have lost my number 8 month ago also forget recovery email that’s why can’t recover it. now m want to change this email address… how i can ?
any suggestion ?

many thanks,

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You have your email ID and password.
But they are asking for your phone number which you do not have.
You also forgot your email for recovery.
You now want to change this email.

I can’t think of any way to do this. These steps are to prevent fraud and stop people from accessing your email account. So if you can’t verify it’s you with a phone number and alternate email you are the definition of someone who cannot be allowed to access the account.

Hopefully customer support will help you with this.

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