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Getting Customers To Your Gigs Quickly


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The way to get customers for gigs:

  1. PPC Networks- Google adwords, Bing ads, etc…
  2. Social Networks- Facebook, Twitter, etc…
  3. Leave Fiverr Profile Page Open In Browser
  4. SEO- Make sure the gig has keywords in the title, description, content, and images- Keyword directly related to your gig; Example: Traffic provider would keyword (Website Traffic). Access thru gig edit button.
  5. Use Fiverr Buyers Request- Hover over your name on top right corner of profile page, click selling, then click buyer requests.

If you have a proven way to get customers to Fiverr gigs?, please feel free to share your information in the comment detail below.

Kind Regards

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Most important part is Social Media Marketing and SEO. Keep sharing your gigs to only relevant peoples and make sure you have implemented on-site (fiverr gig) SEO via including keywords in title and tags and also have created off-site backlinks. Remember Share on social media only to relevant people DO NOT SPAM as no one likes it. Create High Quality Backlinks only on relevant sites. You will see increase in traffic and sales pretty soon.

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Thanks for the tips! =]. A couple of years ago I was making almost $1000 a month with Fiverr. Unfortunately I had to stop when I became a teacher, and messed my account up a bit… Now I’m back on starting from scratch, and It’s frustrating not seeing the same traffic that I used to see. Hopefully soon!

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