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Do you think my field of expertise on Fiverr is actually in demand. Please help


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Hello. I am really new to this and not really sure that what I offer is actually what people look for here. Can you please review my ad and tell me if that it something I can do sales here and what I need to improve to start selling. I do have many other offers in motivation, high performance, planning, Ayurveda, weight loss, etc. Do you think all this can be of any demand here at all? Thanks a lot for your feedback)))

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Hello JagadishDas,

You have couple of nice gigs. However, to make them more useful for the clients, you may

  1. Define what do you offer exactly for $5 and if there are any higher price packages and what do they get.

  2. Add a video of you explaining your service or just an explainer / presentation video.


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