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36 day late undelivered order


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After over 30 days of undelivered work, seller ******* refuses to refund $200 made for order #FO12DF56B243.
This gig was ordered for express delivery which was 8 days.
I am requesting that my feedback be removed and that a refund be issued immediately due to undelivered work and unacceptable customer service. …

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I do not think the order may not be conveyed.

Perhaps you ask different conveyed by the seller.
Some days I received the bad feedback, the fault of the buyer.

I give them all the jobs report and the buyer gave a bad review.
It is a total quality reports with the software and work on existing conveyed by appointment.

We recommend that you read gigs before ordering, so there is no problem at the end of work.

With no work done for free in fiverr

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