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Clicking on ORDER NOW is not working properly---OR---what does it mean Order still in the OVen?


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When i click on (ORDER NOW) button i am getting this message

Your order is still in the oven!

Some payments such as eChecks may take longer to process by PayPal and your bank. As soon as your payment clears, we’ll create your order and notify you by email.

Meanwhile, why don’t you check out other cool gigs or our blog.

petyamill (May 28 14:52)

But after this message i would have pending transaction from my bank account (money bin taken out 5x4) and No gigs showing being purchased:( any body experienced this before??

Thanks. By the way i am using paypal so i don’t know why it would say Order still in the Oven. It’s bin like this for about a week now.

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