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Fiverr tips: How to use Buyer Request to get sales on fiverr

Guest bluepenn

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Guest bluepenn

Wondering how you can make sales on fiverr using the Buyer Request feature? Check out the following tips to crank up a successful Fiverr business by making use of this exclusive feature.


You probably have read thousands of threads on this forum that are constantly saying Use Buyer Request to make enough sales, right? But have you ever come across a post that mentioned this line Read before Request? Well, if you want to make sales on fiverr using buyer request, you have to go through the request to figure out what exactly your buyer is looking for. So spend your minutes in reading before making a request.


Start with a Hi or Hello. Then introduce yourself and mention why and how you are better than other sellers. Why they should hire you, what makes you think you’re perfect for this job. REMEMEBER you will have only 800 characters to address your skills. So be clear and concise. I know it is next to impossible to explain everything in just 800 characters. Well, here is my secret. In my request I attach a template line that is “please check out my gig to know det&ai about my service”. You know, this is also a great way you can sell your gig extras.


One among the craziest keys to make sales using buyer request is Gig Polishing. You probably know that when you make a request your gig is also sent to the buyer along with your request. So it is very important to polish and develop your Gig. Please be reminded that you are not the only one who is trying to make sales using buyer request. There are hundreds of sellers using buyer request to crank up their fiverr business. So if you want to go ahead of them, you must have a professional gig.

How To Polish Up Your Gig:

  1. Log into your fiverr account and find out two sellers: one who is holding a level 2 badge and find out another seller who has a level 1 badge (Thanks God I just received a Level 1 badge)

  2. Now, spend 10-15 minutes in reading their gigs, and figure out what made the wonder for their business.

  3. Now, open your gig in another tab. And compare your gigs and see if your gigs are really written in a professional manner.

  4. Finally, use some convincing lines at the bottom of your gig. Using convincing lines will give your buyer a feel of confidence. It will also make you different than other sellers. Well, If you don’t know how to make use of convincing lines, ask google or you can also check out my gigs as they are professionally written with appealing lines.

However, starting a successful fiverr business is certainly an uphill task. It requires dedication and hard work. So keep calm, and keep trying. Best of luck.

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Guest grafikdoctor

Nice tips…Thanks…I have checked your gigs out…kindly check mine to assist if there is anyway I could improve on it…Thank you in anticipation

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