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How To Keep Your Buyer Happy?


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This might seem like a big task for some and no task for some… But for those who are facing problems keeping their buyers happy this article is for them.

First of all keeping the buyers happy depends on your work a lot. If you work hard enough and get a good percentage of the buyers’ work done it would get 70% of the buyers’ satisfaction, while the rest 30% depends on your communication skills and your politeness. The more polite and genuine you conversate with your buyer and keep them updated with your work will get them to appreciate you, and chances are if you even make a few mistakes in your work the buyer might ignore it thanks to your kind words and polite conversation.

English!! It plays the most important part in your conversation. A good grammatically sound speaker and writer tends to have a higher impact on the buyer than a not-so-sound writer.

This doesn’t mean you can compromise your work with your conversational skills. Obviously the work matters the most.

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