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Express gigs get only 24 hours after cancellation request to repond


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Fiverr says on its article http://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/204371343-How-do-I-cancel-my-order- that sellers get 48 hours time after cancellation request for buyer to respond, but its not true in case of express gigs.
When a seller offers cancellation request for his/her express gig order then buyer gets only 24 hours to respond.
I request Fiverr to please check on this, as its not a reward to a seller who strive hard to deliver in 24 hours and keeps his/her gig express.
There shouldn’t be lesser support to express gigs, they are vital part of Fiverr.
It may be the bug or intentional but Fiverr missed to update the article according wise.
Please share your experiences.

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