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Faster Gig Deliver Upload Form , Ability to block Account's , Discount Abality and more

Guest swifteduk

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Guest swifteduk

Hi Fiverr,

Here are some change’s I would hope to see,

Change 1 : Ability to block Account’s

This would include blocking them from viewing/seeing your gig’s/profile and block’s them from ordering from you.

Change 2 : Faster Gig Deliver Upload Form

It’s weird because on the standard file attachment form for upload’s it is super fast , most of my upload’s are 500kb + and I have fast internet and have tried multiple browser’s/internet hotspot’s and my computer is new. Most of the time with the Deliver form it will take 5 minute’s longer , the non deliver take’s roughly 1 minute.

Change 3 : Discount Ability

I would like to be able to give limited time discount’s , for example from the 1st of December until 1st July 2 for 1 / 50% or something that would invites buyer’s to purchase more.

Change 4 : Ability to report a feedback

So that greedy buyer’s don’t get away with destroyed your rep

Change 5 : Freebie , yes that’s right I will ____ for Free™

Just so newbies with no feedback , can get feedback without waiting week’s to even month’s , the first step wasn’t a problem for me but I have seen 100’s of quality un-bought gig’s.

Change 6 : Apply for a Fiverr Moderator

As a fiverr moderator , you can dispute greedy buyer’s , scammer’s , change featured gig’s , remove copy cat gig’s etc.

Also a reference to 4 , this is the job they’ll get. Now by Moderator I mean Community Moderator , not payed but a well respected member of the Fiverr Community who is Active on Fiverr and the Forum’s and who is liked by many and who is professional (must have good grammar and cannot be bias and abuse ability’s)

Change 7 : Competition’s

Have the ability to setup a competition where buyer’s can get seller’s to compete for the best work , e.g. 10 seller’s join in , there is a 1st , 2nd and 3rd.

1st get’s payed 5$ + 1 day featured + name on the hall of fame (something I thought winner’s could go on) and would have a reference on their profile like 1st in “Create a Video” competition.

2nd would get featured for a day and would have a reference on their profile like 2nd in “Create a Video” competition.

3rd would get nothing but would have a reference on their profile like 3rd in “Create a Video” competition.

Change 8 : Live Chat Functionality like Facebook/Gmail for Gig Message Boxe’s and Messaging

Would be useful so that seller’s will not miss message’s , as if you have 30 people message you regarding gig’s , purchase’s , updated purchase’s etc. you may miss a message and it will improve response time between seller and buyer , also a s***e like video chat may be needed for people who teach language lessons via fiverr.

And I think that’s it , If I have anymore I’ll be sure to say!

Any opinion’s and what you want changed , please stick with this format above ^

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Guest matt_garry

some good ideas you can block people from contacting you when you are level 2:)

you can give discounts by changing you’re description and gig extras when you get them. and you can report bad feedback by contacting CS although it is not guaranteed they will solve problem. you mite just maybe allowed to contact customers for permission to s***e but again contact CS FIRST.

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Guest swifteduk

Reply to @matt_garry: Thanks for the feedback , regarding stuff like discount’s etc. I wanted a more professional way with a dedicated box or display like gig extra’s 🙂

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Guest swifteduk

Reply to @bachas85: Thankyou for your input , I just a want more solid way of getting thing’s done , stuff set for certain thing’s. Like the report feedback an actual dedicated button if you know what I mean. 🙂

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