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I made a little mistake


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Hi all,

I got my first order on Fiverr yesterday which I had to complete in 24 hours. I managed to finish and deliver the gig with several hours to spare.

However, I accidentally sent the work back via “quick reply attachment” instead of the “deliver now” dialog box. I’m still getting used to the interface.

So I went on with my day thinking everything was fine but when I came back I noticed the clock had kept on ticking and it showed me I was late with my delivery. I had to resend my work again.

The customer was happy, gave me a five star rating and placed a new order.

Unfortunately my response rate has dropped to 50%. How do I fix this? I don’t like that my account got punished even though I did a good job.

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This response rate will automatically increased when you will reply the all the buyer quickly in near future, don’t worry it will not effect the gig rating, just avoid negative reviews and you ll be fine here.

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