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Is there a way to know BR time of post?


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Excuse me if there is already a thread about this, but I couldn’t find one.

Two questions:

  1. It seems there is no way of knowing at what time/day someone posted a buyer request.
    This info would be so helpful in these cases: the delivery time is 24 hours / there are already 30 offers.
    We only have 10 offers per day, and not knowing when the request was posted, I end up not sending offers to any request that is 24h or with more than 5-10 offers. That leaves me with the only option of constantly refreshing the page and only sending offers that have 0 - 5 offers. Since I can’t look up at my screen every other minute, which means that it all comes down to coincidence. Not a great system.

  2. We have 10 offers a day - what is a “day?” Is it 24 hours starting at a 12:01 am New York time? 12:01 am in the country each seller lives in? 12 hours?..

I’ll be so happy to hear what you think (especially about the 1st question)!
Hugs, May.

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