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How you can get daily orders from one client. Read it

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Hello i am new seller and i have joined fiverr this month. I want to tell you something that i have experienced on fiverr that how we can take many orders from one client. Here is my experience.
Few days ago, I got the order to fix one wordpress website issue in 5$. I fixed the issue in one hour my work was completed but i offered more in 5$ order so that i can make the buyer happy and make him as a repeated client.
So i guide him how i have fixed the issue with step by step screenshot sharing. He stunned and impressed with my work that he give me 5 star rating and the next day he came with new website issue. I have fixed his issue again without any order. He again impressed and ask me to send me offer of my wish i send him 10$ offer he accept it and give me 5 star rating. Now he messsage me daily and bring new work for me.

► What i want to tell you is that ◄

  1. Always give respect to your buyer, make him happy, make him feel confident that he hired a right person.
  2. If you are new seller offer extra services in free of cost it will bring more order for you.
  3. Politely ask them after the work completed that “Anything else sir how i can help you more”. It will bring him back .

I hope you guys will understand.
P.s Sorry for my english 🙂

Best Regard
Waleed Arshad Awan

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Hey, your post is really helpful, though it’s obvious;) but not so easy to realize. When you think about what are you to do for $5, from which you get only $4, you don’t even want to spend more than couple of minutes. It’s really good strength of will. Especially after freelancing for good money.

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Really Helpful. Thanks for the tips.
As I myself do kinda same method.

Just join Fiverr 3 week ago, and gladly have 3 repeat client from my logo, infographic, and Drawing gigs. now just need to wait the 30 days active for level up to level 1.

I’m super excited 🙂

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Not at all, the value has to be outstanding anyway. Be sure that the happiness of your buyers will drop once they read this 🙂

For new buyers it is really good way on how to enroll a Fiverr business, but as you will grow you will realize you can not donate work all the time, instead of it it is suggested by many people to underpromise and overdeliver 😉

Of course, I gift my repetetive buyers randomly with free gigs to make them come back for more, but just when sales volume and gig nature enables it.

WP fixing can be sometimes tricky, respect! 🙂

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