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I am not getting order beside a great writing enthusiast,Why?


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Hey this is jasim , a Mechanical Engineer by profession, Social activist and Fashion model by passion, so all these expertise gives me an edge over other writers in terms of experience and exposure but yet i m not getting any writing or transcribing orders please guide me as i am new to fiverr and i am following all rules that how to make your gig best but still i m not getting any order.

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Dear Jasim,

I took a quick look at your portfolio and at one of your gigs.

Unfortunately, the About Me section has a typo. The first line of your writing gig also has a typo (this one is less certain – some people have different ideas about commas).

A good way to show you’re a writer would be to offer an e-book that you’ve written. It shouldn’t be very long (no more than 35 pages).

This will serve as a writing sample for prospective Buyers and provide social proof about your legitimacy as a writer. If you market it successfully, it will provide you with the 10 sales you need to make it to Level 1. The sales and reviews you’ll get will help to build people’s confidence in you, leading to more sales.

Your target audience does not appear to be US English speakers. If you are trying to appeal to people in the US, you will need to radically change your phrasing.

Good luck,

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