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This is why we need to be able to block buyers

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So, I do voiceovers.

I got a message from a guy from Sri Lanka asking me if I could do a 2500 word voiceover. I said shure, it’s 150$.
He replies this: “Ok I can Give you 150$.I want to first sample.200 words”

The script he sends is obviously THE gig, he just wanted it free. It was very obvious indeed.

So I replied back as I always do when I’m asked for free work: with a watermarket sample. I simply record the sentences I’m asked for, but whit an annoying 1000HZ beep randomly playing in the background.

Then the guy aswers back: "Would you also be able to do a voice over on a video that we have for the site as well? Can you do it next 1 hour. It is Very Urgent project "

I read the script he sends me. Yeah, you’ve guessed. The same he already sent me. So I get back to him and I say that I can do it for 25$, but I begin to be a bit suspicious. He then comes back to me: “I can Give you 10$.My last Price”. I wish him good luck at this point.

"wait I ask my Client "

"At this point, I really would ask you to look for another seller, please.
Thank you for your understanding. "


OK, what I think it’s going to happen now is that he is going to order the gig and when I deliver it, he will ask for a refund. It’s pretty obvious this guy wants a free gig and he will do anything he can to obtain it.

We need a bit of protection as sellers. We NEED to be able to block buyers if we don’t feel comfortable with them.

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Yes! So much agreement.

I have an idea that would cover this situation as well as others: Seller Approval.

When a gig is ordered, the seller may “approve” it. Just an “Approve” button that signifies “I, as the seller, have determined that I am capable of delivering this gig at this price in this time frame.” It could act as a contract; sort of a digital signature between buyer and seller. And if a seller doesn’t respond within 12 hours or something, it’s automatically canceled so the buyer can find someone else. And the money isn’t withdrawn from the buyer’s account until the seller “approves” the gig, that way no one loses out.

This could be surpassed in regards to custom orders (as sellers have clearly consented to the work, as they initiated the order) and perhaps have the ability to “auto approve” clients if you trust them to order appropriately.

In this way, bad buyers couldn’t purchase from you and force you to do work you don’t want to do. A simple block button would be nice, but an “approve” button covers more bases.

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