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Is this stupid by me to do a gig like this?


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It’s a weird gig for sure, but it’s not stupid. There’s no such thing. People have made lots of money with some really strange things. Yours is unique and that’s a good thing. Now, as to whether or not it will sell, only time and buyers will tell you that. At a glance I would honestly say it probably won’t because it seems to narrow to me, but I didn’t think the guy wearing a garbage bag and acting like a goof would become a TRS either, and he is!

The only thing I would suggest to you is that if you come come up with something else, even if it’s related, and put up another gig or two, it will help buyers find you in the first place. Not many people are going to put your keywords into search. Perhaps you could try “I will give you suggestions on coping with a mentally ill parent” or some sort of writing gig. Anyway, yours is the most interesting I’ve seen lately. Good luck with it.

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