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Suggestions on my gig to improve


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Dear Pavan:

I took a look at your profile. Here are my thoughts:

I’m a Professional video editor and animator with over eight years experience using Adobe After effects, Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Photoshop to deliver high quality video editing services. I have joined Fiverr to expand my customer base. Feel free to contact me – I look forward to helping you.

Please note the edits I made. I suggest you add your name to your profile. How do you want people to address you?

I personally don’t care for the cartoon image you chose for your avatar. In my humble opinion, you would be wise to use an actual photo of yourself smiling, like the one in the video snapshot for one of your gigs.

Here are more suggestions for you: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/improve-my-gig-checklist/

Good luck,

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