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Why my fiverr is not showing in search?


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I am just new to fiverr and I have posted two gigs on it, but I am not able to see those gigs on the fiverr home page or even after searching them. Please help me in bringing the gig live on fiverr. Its being four days since I posted gigs on fiverr. If you want to check my gigs, I can give you the links.

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Dear Trigbit:

I took a look at your profile and saw that you have two gigs. They’re both priced at $100.

I can’t say why your gigs aren’t showing up in search, but you would help yourself in my opinion by doing two things:

  1. promote your gigs yourself outside of Fiverr via Facebook, Twitter, Chum Hum, and so on;

  2. offer a $5 gig so that you can get the reviews, sales, and so on, to build up people’s trust in you so they will be confident about spending $100.

Two suggestions off the top of my head:

  1. Polish your English
  2. Give people a name to call you that is easy for them to use.

I’ve got more detailed suggestions in this checklist: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/improve-my-gig-checklist/

Good luck,

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Hi there!
I had the same problem with my gigs in the beginning, and still have it with a few (still a bit new). What i found is the reason for it, is that you need to have sold your gig at least once 🙂

It should currently show up if you filter your search with “Relevance” instead of the typical “Avg. customer review”.

A tip could be letting a friend place an order, then you make the product and deliver, and in the end your friend gives your gig a good rating 🙂 Then it should show up in the normal search without weird filters

Two of my gigs show up on normal searches in “avg. customer review” after they had been sold at least once. The rest of my gigs still havent sold yet, but they are also quite new. I havent made a friend to buy them yet either 🙂

Hope that helps!

  • Lea
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