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These tips will help you hire the best freelance writer


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If you are lucky enough to hire a professional freelance writer, then you don’t have to worry about your contents because a professional freelance writer can transform your contents and breathe life into it. You certainly need more real human traffic to your blog and also loyal readers. If you run an e-commerce website, you surely need contents that will thrill your readers and make conversions. It could seem difficult to get the perfect writer for your blog, business or e-commerce site. However, these few basic guideline will guide you in choosing the best freelance writers for your business.

  1. Be certain of what you want
    If you know what you want and provide what you need in a detailed manner, you are not only helping the writer narrow down his/her scope of research, you are also helping yourself get the best value for your money. When you set a reasonable deadline for delivery and also a reasonable fee for the project, then you surely will get the best content delivered in terms of originality, clarity, structure and flow.
    You should have a scope of your project. Ask yourself these questions:
  • Do I need a single article/blog post?
  • When do I want my project delivered?
  • How long do I want the (each) article to be (word count)?
  • Do I need keywords for the article?
  • What about images?
  • How much am I willing to spend on the project?
    Ask yourself these questions first to determine how you want your article to be.
  1. Run a background check
    When there are testimonies about the previous works of a freelancer, then you have confidence and trust as to what the freelancer promise to deliver. Fiverr is a great community where talented writers abound. Before hiring an article writer on Fiverr, ensure to check out the seller’s profile and see for yourself reviews dropped by previous clients (if any). Reviews and ratings matters a lot and you should take advantage of it before hiring a freelance writer.
    Tell me, you searched for ‘article writing’ on Fiverr and you decided to check out the profiles of two writers. One has over 30 ratings and all his buyers are satisfied with his works. Not just the star ratings but also the written experience about the writer is amazing! Then you checked the other profile only to see negative reviews and low star ratings. Some of the buyers expressed their dissatisfaction with the seller. Now, which one would you go for, the writer with positive reviews or that with negative reviews? You know the answer already.

  2. Communication is the key
    Be open and friendly with your freelancer. Fiverr sellers are humans too, and you should be open to dialogue and ask them questions about things you don’t understand. You want great contents to be delivered, so in turn be open to your freelance writer and provide all the necessary details for your project. Fiverr has made things more easier, so when you order a gig you will see a requirements form where you are to provide details for the job. So in hiring a freelance writer, ensure that you both come to an agreement on what to deliver.

In conclusion, hiring a freelance writer is just like hiring a baby sitter; you want someone reliable who you can trust.
These are some tips for hiring a freelance writer. Do you have any questions not covered here? Please drop your thoughts in the comment box!

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