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I have some Questions some one please help me!


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I am new to fiverr so i have some questions :

  1. i have multiple skills ,like logo designing,ui designing,photo editing etc so should i make individual gigs for every skill ?
  2. Should i repeat my gigs like i posted a gig for logo designing ,should i re post it daily or make new gig for logo designing or what to do ?
    3)as gigs having more stars are on top ,so i am new here ,how my gigs be visited by clients ? how my gigs come up in the search ?
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It sounds like you have some questions that could better be answered if you did a little reading first. Check out the Fiverr Academy so you don’t have to post everything here and wait. In the meantime, though, I can help a little with these questions.

1.) You should make separate gigs for separate skills unless they are so similar they would make good “Extras” for a gig to be sold at a higher price.

2.) Make a gig once, not every day. It stays up until either you pause it, delete it, or unless Fiverr removes it because it breaks a rule or doesn’t fit their focus.

3.) At first you will get some visibility because your new gigs will appear in the “New” section of Fiverr. Some buyers will visit that area in hopes of finding some cheap work or a new diamond in the rough. Just be careful and read that Fiverr Academy too because you don’t want a buyer to take advantage of you. While you are still new, start looking at Buyer Requests right away. You can bid on things that buyers want which will help you get your first reviews (stars.) If you don’t know about Buyer Requests, you will learn about it by reading the help articles and by poking around in your seller options.

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