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What does this mean?


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Fiverr posted the following announcement. But I’m confused - does this mean we can actually include a direct link to our facebook/blog/website? Doesn’t this eliminate the huge TOS of “no contact outside of Fiverr allowed” rule?

"We’ve got a big update for you! You can now add a lot more information to your seller profile to help buyers understand your experience level and background.

Your profile now lets you add info such as:

Skills: Let your buyers know your skills. Skills gained through your previous jobs, hobbies or even everyday life.
Social verifications: Link directly to Facebook, Twitter and your other online presence"

Thanks in advance for you replies 🙂 May.

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I’m very confused too.
It has not too much sense.
I will continue doing the same. In my own website i have a link to Fiverr but i don’t mention it in my gig.
If you offer a link or info to your site they will lose lots of clients because the direct contact will be served.

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