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Announcing the new & improved seller profile!


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Hey sellers,

We’ve got a big update for you! You can now add a lot more information to your seller profile to help buyers understand your experience level and background.

Your profile now lets you add info such as:

  • Skills: Let your buyers know your skills. Skills gained through your previous jobs, hobbies or even everyday life.
  • Social verifications: Link directly to Facebook, Twitter and your other online presence
  • Education: Let buyers know about your educational background and training
  • Certifications:/ Add any professional certifications, honors, & awards
  • Ratings: Make sure buyer see the most relevant reviews for the Gig they want

The new profile is one of many steps that we’re taking to highlight our sellers’ qualifications. Get started updating your new seller profile today and show potential buyers why you’re the perfect seller for the job!

Questions or feedback? Let us know what you think!

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I like the skill section where i can put my skills in designing and buyers get to know more about it…As far as education and certification…i don’t thinks buyers need to know about the education here while hiring the seller…but may be more info about buyers may help them to differentiate between fake and real sellers…

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One thing which i noticed in the new profile look is that there should also location included in the buyer profile so that a seller can know about his/her buyer location because buyers of some countries are not good.

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