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Designers: 42 Completed, 21 Cancelled. Is this Our Destiny?


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Today it’s been 2 month Im in Fiverr. After looking at my dashboard, 1/3 of my order were cancelled!

42 gig completed with 21 gig cancelled (mutual cancellation).

Here’s the summary for the cancellation gig:

9 gig - 'Buyer Not Happy With My Design’

8 gig - ‘Buyer Don’t Read My Description Before Making Order’.

2 gig - 'I cant do the design as customers request aka buyer ask for 100 time revision!!

2 gig - 'My fault’

So, is this our destiny? Fm 42 completed, 21 were cancel - which mean, if Im working for 300 hours, 100 of the hours is for cancellation gig.

Is this just me or or is this a designer destiny? I dont think Im not a great designer. But Im a great designers.

However, fullfilling buyer requirement (mostly without any reference) or doing buyers revision for the whole days FOR $5 will definately comsume my time and of course I have to cancelled the order.

Maybe we should change our niche to other niche that do not need any revision (such as article spinner, backlinks etc…)

What say you…?

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I’m not saying that your work is bad, but 9 people not being happy with the design? Did you try offer revisions, work harder to keep the sale alive?

I see a lot of designers that don’t suffer these problems, but I guess there are a lot that do as well.

Just keep working hard 🙂

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Just check my WORK SAMPLE. Sometimes buyer have their own vision about design they want but leave nothing as reference. Im a photoshop expert.

I dont think my design is bad, but check other seller design and my WORK SAMPLE design. You will know…

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Guest matt_garry

soon you will develop an instinct to detect people who will never be happy no matter how much work you put in that is the true test of a fiverr seller:)

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