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A Short Journey to Level 1, with an Active Tip for Newbie!


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Hi everyone,
I joined fiverr.com in Mrch 2016, I didn’t know how to get work on it.
Then I got help Fiverr Academy and forum to read the tips of the Top Rated Sellers.
after study of 2 months , I created a gig and was giving offers in buyers request.
After 94th offer i got a buyer who asked me to make a logo which he liked very much and then he offered me to make stationery of his brand and gave me 50$ offer.
I requested him to give me separate order for each,
I will give you 10$ discount, which he accepted.
He posted 8 orders and after completion of each order he gave me review and a tip also due to which my 1st level was completed soon.

I’m thankful to fiverr.com for helping me to make some additional income.

A humble request to Successful sellers,
Please check my profile (gigs) and point out errors.

Best Regards

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You are less likely to get many tips on your gigs when you don’t want advice from anyone but TRS. There are many people asking for advice and TRS are the busiest people and a minority on the forums. It does give everyone else a break though, since many level 1& 2 sellers can move on and help others. Good luck!

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