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Tips to Attract the Attention of Buyers


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Hi There ,

Let me introduce my self, my name is Leo Ramos and i have 1 years experience on fiverr.
i want to share some tips for fiverr seller

Are you ready ? Here we Go!

  1. Create a Great Cover Gigs

This is first important thing as my experience, because buyer will see the cover image first , so this must be eye catching to make buyer interest to click your gigs.
It will be good if you create custom image , explain your service on this image and give signature on part of image 🙂

  1. Maintain 5 Star Rating review

5 Star rating is very important for seller, so make sure your buyer satisfied with your service and give you 5 star rating review.
if you have delivery your order and your buyer still not update until the order automatically complete by fiverr
maybe you can message to your buyer , ask about modification request and then ask about give 5* rating review with a polite sentence.
Respect is the key

  1. Keep Your Portfolios Best ( this is tips from me and it works )

Many buyer make decision to buy some service base on portfolios, so keep your portfolios best.
if you think your delivery is not good enough as your portfolios, just delivery with another file type (example .zip)
so it make your delivery didn’t show on your portfolios, and your portfolios still your best works.

my apologize for my english, i hope this tips will make your gigs getting better and this article helpfull
Leave comment and feedback if you have another tips for sharing 🙂


Leo Ramos

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1. Create Great Cover Gigs
Spelling aside, what makes a great cover photo? This is like… If somebody asked me, “How do I become an Olympic gold-medal swimmer?,” and I said, “You have to swim really fast.” See what I did there? I didn’t actually provide any useful information. So, what makes a great gig photo? And, why is a great gig photo preferable to a great gig video? Speaking from my own experience as a buyer on Fiverr, I tend to ignore gigs without videos, and instead actively search out the gigs with videos.

2. Maintain 5-star rating
As with the first tip, How do you do this? Providing quality customer service is more than messaging your client after the sale is closed. In fact, contacting buyers who haven’t contacted you first is against the terms of service, and even if you’re doing this in the spirit of making sure they like what you delivered, it’s still unsolicited contact. So again, How does one maintain a 5-star rating? Elucidate your thoughts. It might look like this: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/how-to-prevent-and-remove-negative-reviews/

3. Maintain Best Portfolio
The #1 rule of being a good seller is to deliver good work, period. If you lack so much confidence in your work that you’re worried the seller might leave a bad review, or you don’t want anybody else to see it, then you shouldn’t have delivered it in the first place. Also, delivering the buyer’s order inside a zip file is fabulously dishonest and utterly screams, “lack of confidence.” If you don’t want people to see your work, then disable your live portfolio, but if you’re spending more time finding tricks to avoid the live portfolio than you are sending quality work, then you’re doing it wrong.

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