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Need help! 200+ clicks but Gigs are not getting sales!


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Step it up! Try new things. Stop limiting yourself and thinking of business as a process. There is no “right way” to do things. Figure out what you’re doing wrong and fix it. Are you utilizing buyer request? Keyword phrases? Rather than contributing to this pile of generalized, “how do I get sales” post, scavenge the resources available to you. I have been here since March 27 of 2016 and there is nothing that makes me unique. I am no different than you. I have simply used common sense and worked towards figuring out how to gain the attention of onlookers.
The fact that you are getting views means you have a compelling enough gig title and image. Try to figure out the weaknesses in your gig description that are turning people away.
Do not take my post as being harsh, but rather a lesson. Do not hesitate to shoot me a message if you would like more advice.
Cheers and best of luck.

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