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Hi. No, I don’t think it has anything to do with your level - Fiverr has been steadily and slowly implementing packages in every category, so you can only get the packages option when Fiverr implements it in your category 🙂 They just recently introduced it for Business Copywriting and a few other categories. So how it works is that they usually send you a message to your registered email id / it pops up on your home page when they activate gig packages in your category. I’ve activated gig packages for all 3 of my gigs, and they’re a godsend really! It’s so much easier to break down your services and compartmentalise them for buyers, and they in turn also find it easier to read the information given and order the package that is most suited towards their needs. Plus, with packages, you also get a bunch of advantages - you can include other additional details (besides extra fast delivery, etc) and price all 3 packages according to the details you offer for each one. You don’t necessarily need to start off with 5 dollars for the basic one too - you can price it according to the amount of work you’ll be delivering. However, it is generally advised to take a look at other gigs in your category (especially if yours is a popular category), see what they’re offering in their packages and their price, and then make a decision about your gig package contents and pricing. I’m sure you know by now that unique is the key on Fiverr, so if your packages are unique and offer services that other gigs don’t, buyers will definitely queue up for you.

I’ve been really excited about Fiverr’s gig packages ever since it got activated in Creative Writing (I’m a copywriter), and I still am. It works out really well, and it’s a win-win all around, for both buyers and sellers. I’ve noticed a world of difference ever since I implemented the packages into my 3 gigs - please do so as well, it’s a move that you won’t regret. Hope this was helpful, all the best! 🙂

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