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Help me improve my gig - Feedback much appreciated


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Hi, my name is Alex and i joined Fiverr recently, because i think i can do good job here, and make people happy about my gigs.
But i havent started to sell yet. I know i have a few blindspots, but i think is very important to have a second opinion from experienced sellers, here on Fiverr.

So please check this gig for me and leave a feedback

and this one


For the 1st one, i make a video which supposed to convert better, but i think i chose very bad title.
And the 2nd, i tried to make that 3 package thing, and i dont know if is good, but i get the most impressions on this, i think because of the title (good SEO).

Anyway, please feel free to comment, i would love to hear some tips/feedback.

Thank you very much,

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