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Hi everyone, I need your help on what is it I could be getting wrong. I have everything well set up as regards my gigs and even with videos that have been accepted by fiverr. Still I haven’t received a message not to talk of order as I keep on sending buyer’s request every blessed day.

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Hello Maam i have checked your gigs. Your gigs need improvement in title and gig tags,
You are new seller you have to research alot for getting first order.
I am telling you my story i am new seller too before creating the gigs i have research a alot about fiverr that how fiverr works how we can take our gig to recommended section.
My advise is for you to first check other sellers gig who are on top of recommended section . Check how they have written their title gig description and how they used relevant tags in their gig.
One last thing don’t lose hope. Just keep playing with your gig one day you will rock the fiverr.


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