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Some useful Tips for new sellers [ARCHIVED]


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I want to share some use full tips for newbies in step by step read carefully and understand.


1 = Create Real account (not use any fake info)

2 = watch and understand gigs in recommended and high rating section before gig creation.

3 = create gigs related to your skills like ( e.g SEO,Graphics,WordPress etc )

4 = (Gigs creation step)
Use unique eye-catching display image
Attractive title,
Attractive description (which will be easy to understand for buyers/client)
Use tags that would be more relevant to your service
(E.G your service is graphic so use. logo,graphic,eye-catching,design etc) else you may check tags from your competitors

5 = Use gig packages ( that’s help a lot to convert minimum order into maximum order )

6 = daily sent buyer requests

7 = share your gig on social media ( if you have minimum or above 1000 Friends and followers )

Tips = Don’t share your personal contact ever with your buyer,
(For negative review try to convince your buyer in very polite way that they remove neg review from your profile, else you can cancel if both are agree )


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Hmm, not sure I agree with number 6. Buyer requests seem to attract the most demanding and least personable buyers, they (mostly) want something for nothing, and in my experience have never been fair with pricing, e.g not paying for extra revisions.

The rest are quite true though, I do just think doing lots of buyer requests can set you off on the wrong foot 🙂

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Yes exactly… Sometimes what they require is something beyond the normal level or something that they couldn’t find any gigs about it. I have two experience but anyway they turned out to be good some how. One was very satisfied with my work and he kept ordering another five orders. And what is important is he paid what I asked without hesitation. And second one, after I completing that he was very happy that the other guys has told him that the work he required is never can be done. He was very happy and gave me a very good review. So I think buyers request are not that much bad at all. 🙂

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I agree that there are buyers who do such things – I’ve had a couple run ins, myself. However, I like the Buyer’s Request section because it allows me direct contact with buyers. As a newer seller, I’ve gained my repeat clients entirely through Buyer’s Request. It also allows for Custom Offers, which are generally higher paying. I’d rather have a $100 gig that I offer through Buyer’s Request (that has a major discount compared to purchased from my page) than have no purchase at all.

Taking a quick look at your page, it seems you do a fair amount more work than I, and I can see how you would find the page frustrating. Still – both shit and diamonds can be found in dirt. Some of us need the diamonds to keep us afloat and I think BR is a worthwhile investment for new sellers.

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