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Just got a level 1 badge, sharing my experience and tips!


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Hello Dears, I have just got level one seller badge yesterday.
It’s been less than 1 month, I have created my first gig on fiverr. After creating my first gig, I got my first order within 3 days. And after all, it took me less than a month to reach a level one seller badge.
Now I am very happy because i am getting success on fiverr and trying to go ahead.
I just want to say to new sellers, please don’t be irritated. Don’t lose your dreams. Maybe, it’ll take a couple months or more to get an order. Just wait and keep doing the hard work. Keep sending buyer requests and always try to give your best to the buyers.
You know,
Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
So, keep trying. (y)

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Jesus Christ, Sarwar. Do you have to keep relentlessly trumpeting your success? I can’t be bothered to find the other thread right now, but you called me a b*itch and a whoreson after I exposed you for spamming my inbox. Remember that?

Congratulations on your success despite being a doodiehead.

EDIT: evidence of doodieheadednes: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/i-have-completed-my-first-order-successfully/

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