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How To Make Your Gigs More Appealing To The Buyers


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If you’re asking yourself how you can multiply your fiverr earnings or how you can get more orders on fiverr, this article is going to help you. Listed below are 6 effective ways you can make your gigs more appealing to the buyers. So let’s go ahead.

  1. Use a Quote on the top of your gig. For example, if you are a transcriber, you can use this quote “Transcribing is the painting of voice”. Using quote will make you different than others and make a positive impression.

  2. Use SEO words in your description so people can find your gig.

  3. Explain your service. Explain why you are better than other. Why they should order your gig. Remember never underestimate your fellow sellers.

  4. If you have any extra services, mention clearly.

  5. Don’t use too much Bold lines in your gig description

  6. Use some promising lines just at the bottom of your description. It will give your buyer a feel of confidence. If you don’t know how to use promising lines, you can check out my gigs.

Starting Fiverr business is not an easy task. So keep calm, invest your time, and invest your mind. Hopefully you will get enough sales in no time.
Best Of Luck.

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#nightcoder07 #maximadesigner you guys have to make your first images and titles convincing enough so the buyer us forced to at least click your gig, then comes your description as you both are new sellers then you should offer discounts and offer more for less as compared to your fellow sellers.
e.g if you are logo designer then offer free source files, if you are coder offer source code for free and use some convincing lines at the end of your description like #bluepenn said.

hope this helps 🙂

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